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University of Washington

Instructor of Record:  

COM 488 Race, Gender, And Power In Asian American Media (Upper-level undergraduate course) - Summer 2021 

As a class, we examined the racial logics and political effects of media content of and by Asian Americans. We paid attention to the historical, political, and cultural factors that influence Asian American media representation and cultural production in the U.S. In particular, we examined the intersections of race, gender, and power that structure media contents and digital productions of Asian Americans. In addition, students were introduced to the efforts made by Asian creative talents to challenge the racial hierarchies embedded in mainstream American popular culture. 

Teaching Assistant 

COM 200 Introduction to Communication - Autumn 2020, Spring 2020, Autumn 2021 

COM 375 Communication Ethics 

COM 382 Social Scientific Approach to Communication Research 

COM 407 Communication Technology and Politics 

COM 440 Mass Media Law 

Guest Lecture

COM 440, Contesting Intimate Privacy on Social Media Platforms

COM 488, Asian American Activism, Counter Publics, and Social Media Platforms

COM 306 Qualitatively Studying the Power of Algorithms                        

COM 200, Surveillance Cultures and Social Media 

Teaching: Text
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